Baby Shower Gift Ideas -

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little one but also the beautiful journey the mom-to-be is about to undertake into motherhood.  Here are some thoughtful baby shower gift ideas:


Pregnancy comfort kit

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but it can be hard, so consider putting together a comfort kit for the mom-to-be.  Items can include her favourite snacks (which could be dramatically different due to pregnancy cravings!), a cozy maternity pillow or comfy slippers and robe that she can also use at the hospital.

Baby massage class vouchers

Baby massage classes are not only a great way to bond with your baby, but also an opportunity to meet other moms with babies of similar age.  Most expat moms in the UAE don’t have a very large support network with much of their family and friends living in other countries, so it’s important for them to create their own mom-village.  Those first months being a new mom can be very lonely and isolating and having like-minded mom-friends going through similar stages with their newborns is priceless.  Look for baby massage classes in the new mom-to-be’s community or close by as the baby’s wake windows are short in the beginning and you don’t want mom and baby to have to travel too far.  

Vouchers for home cleaning

Those first few weeks can be difficult to keep up with the basics for new moms.  Not only is she severely sleep-deprived, she’s also recovering from having given birth.  The last thing a new mom wants to worry about is cleaning the house.  Look for vouchers or credit with cleaning companies, ideally those with an app so it’s super simple for her to book a cleaner when she wants.

Personalized keepsakes

Personalized gifts are always a hit.  Consider gifting the mom-to-be a customized baby blanket, baby clothing with the baby’s name or initials, a personalized baby book or an item for the nursery.  These thoughtful keepsakes will not only be cherished by the parents, but will also become treasured mementos for the child as they grow up.

Practical diaper bag

A stylish yet practical diaper bag is an essential item for any new mom.  Look for a bag with plenty of compartments, insulated bottle holders and a changing pad.  Why not get her some essentials to pack so the bag is ready to go?  Newborn diapers, wipes, newborn onesies, muslin cloths, wipes, baby bibs, a pacifier holder, baby swaddles, nasal aspirator and more wipes (!) are a great start to any diaper bag.

Subscription to a meal delivery service

Reduce the mental load by eliminating meal planning and grocery shopping by giving the mom-to-be a subscription to a meal delivery service.  These could be fully prepared meals delivered to her door on a daily basis or ready-to-cook boxes with easy and nutritious recipes for the whole family.  

Night nurse

Night nurses can take care of babies during the night so the brand new parents get some well-earned rest.  Check with the new mom-to-be if she’ll be comfortable getting a night nurse a few times a month and encourage her to do so.  Getting a good night’s rest will make a massive difference and will be the best gift you can give.

Postpartum self-care package

Becoming a new mom is a wonderful and life-changing experience but can be overwhelming.  Many new moms use all their energy to provide and care for their newborns, so a postpartum self-care package can help enable her to take care of herself as well.  Include items like nursing pads, nipple cream, cozy pajamas and a postpartum massage voucher for a spa in a 5 star hotel or even an at-home massage service.  It also won’t hurt to send her some flowers or donuts every few weeks to let her know that you’re thinking about her and remember, your physical presence and help with the little one is priceless.

Choose a gift that will ease her transition into motherhood and remember to provide your support along the way.  Whether you choose to go with a more practical gift or personalized keepsakes, your thoughtful gift will make her baby-shower extra special.  

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