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A wet wipe warmer is an incredibly convenient baby must-have, designed to gently heat your baby's wipes to an ideal temperature, ensuring they remain moist and full of moisture. The pleasantly warm and moist wipes offer a soothing sensation for your little one, quickly calming and comforting them. It's a fantastic way to offer your baby a gentle and snug wipe experience.


  • 80Wipes Capacity: Our heated wipes dispenser can accommodate a maximum of 80 wipes, not limited to just wipes but also face towels. This 2-in-1 practical design combines a wipes warmer and dispenser all in one unit.
  • Advanced Even Heating: Unlike typical wet wipes dispensers, our portable baby wipe warmer uses an advanced surround heating method, to ensure that every single wet wipe is evenly heated, preventing any localized overheating.
  • Adjustable Temperature: You have the freedom to set the temperature in the range of 45°C to 55°C (113°F to 131°F), so you can choose the most comfortable temperature for yourself
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: When the wipe warmer and baby wet wipes dispenser are running, the noise level is kept below 20 dB, almost imperceptible. It operates quietly and won't disturb your baby, allowing them to sleep soundly throughout the night.
  • Consistent Warmth & On-Demand Use: Once the portable wipe warmer reaches your chosen temperature setting, it maintains a constant temperature, ensuring you can access warm wet wipes at any time.
  • The baby wipe warmer dispenser effectively seals in moisture and heat, guaranteeing that the wipes always remain moist and warm, ready to soothe and comfort your baby.

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