Spectra - S1 Plus Breast Pump Bundle

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Loved by moms and recommended by lactation consultants around the world, the Spectra S1 Plus doesn’t disappoint, it is the only Hospital Grade Pump designed to be used in the comfort of your home.

Spectra S1 Plus is a hospital-grade breast pump, having a powerful motor. It uses a “closed system”, meaning it has barriers in place to prevent milk and other fluids from entering the motor. This reduces contamination and makes it safe for multiple users. It is one of the quieter pumps on the market. Besides the LCD display that allows you to see your pump’s settings in a glimpse, another big plus is the Night Light. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll appreciate this feature. When you’re pumping in the middle of the night, you want to find a way to get back to sleep as quickly as possible when you are done expressing milk. Leaving the lights off helps you get back to sleep as soon as you store your precious breast milk in the refrigerator. In case you fall asleep while pumping or lose track of time, another great feature is there to assist you – the Auto Power Off, the pump switches off automatically after 30 minutes of continuous use.


  • Massage Mode: Simulates the natural suckling of a baby
  • Adjustable Suction Levels: Provides a more natural flow of milk
  • Backflow Protector: Protects your breastmilk from harmful bacteria
  • Night Light: This allows you to easily pump at any hour
  • Auto-Timer with Display: Offers visibility and precision with every session

Bundle includes:

  • Pump unit
  • Tubing
  • Power adapter
  • Back-flow protectors
  • Breast shields
  • Disposable easy milk storage bags 
  • Spectra cooler bag

Missing items:

  • Collection bottles

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